A global collective of brand, naming, research and trademark clearance professionals, we offer compellingly collaborative brand and name creation – from creating a corporate identity to naming a new product or service.

We draw upon hundreds of engagements conducted over the past three decades to combine past lessons with present insight. The result is a future brand asset that has been validated from a cultural, linguistic, social and audience-centric perspective – prepared for launch.

The scope of every engagement is personalized to match the specific needs of each client, from the Fortune 500 to the founder of a future startup. Our service structure is flexible to address the full spectrum of potential budget or timeline constraints, and can be implemented without a commitment beyond the requested service or related stage.

If you seek proven engagement leaders who have successfully managed every detail of multiple brand creation projects from start and to finish with terrific outcomes, take the first step to compellingly collaborative brand & name creation and request a no-cost consultation or call +1 (800) 663-2104.