The very nature of brand and name creation is to seek unique perspectives and express them in equally new ways.

We recognize the 'new' is a challenge to embrace and individual subjectivity will be present for every engagement. Successful management of the process without losing sight of key objectives is often the primary motivation for partnering with a creative agency, which is why we provide a robust framework for our services that applies the best practices we have developed over the past three decades, and one that can easily satisfy a spectrum of brand opportunities and related requirements.

This is the essence of who we are and how we work, which can be implemented with one of two distinct approaches:

  • Transactional: A client requires a distinct deliverable, e.g., name creation or logo design, and they pay as they go for each wave of creation. The transaction framework is usually driven by a specific client consideration, e.g., timeline or budget. For clients who only require a targeted set of names for consideration, we offer a 'micro naming' service available from our online store or, in most cases, by purchase order.
  • Consultative: A client requires a formalized brand creation engagement with multiple project milestones and a guaranteed outcome, e.g., a registered trademark. The consultative framework is a collaborative effort, where we personalize the engagement to address specific client objectives, and is typically comprised of six steps.

While not every client may need to implement every step, our framework is a good place to start the conversation and determine which approach is the best fit for your opportunity. Verbal and visual identity development stages can be conducted in parallel or as separate engagements. Brand strategy may be integrated within the 'immersion' and ‘exploration’ steps or also conducted as a separate engagement.

Regardless of service selection or target category, we begin with 'immersion,' the first stage in what is typically a two to four month engagement, and where we provide a foundation for ideation and associated creation to make certain we explore every opportunity and related brand expression. The 'exploration' and 'optimization' stages allow our clients to be completely comfortable with the process, providing a wealth of creative naming possibilities that have been namecrafted℠ to avoid the most problematic obstacles, or to provide a formalized process to refine strategy and related verbal or visual identity elements.

Our comprehensive cultural, linguistic and social ‘filtration' capabilities are scalable to every budget and timeline. Innovative research metrics enable our ‘projection' of your future brand assets in the context of communication and marketing challenges. The final 'conclusion' step is where we review each project milestone to inform the selection process, facilitate team consensus and address every outstanding question.

Seeking a new way to name? Need a name now? Starting at $500, the NowNaming℠ Store will deliver your next create-to-order product, service or company name within ten to 24 business days, dependent on the scope of selected service options.

Our NowNaming service distills our best practices for name creation and facilitates a direct path to our naming team and related global crowdsourcing capabilities. Limited to sets of five, ten or 25 name recommendations per wave of creation (with supporting full list of up to 100 names), all aspects of the service have been optimized for online and videoconference collaboration, including development of the naming brief, name creation and related presentation, pre-screening clearance and target market research.

Available from the NowNaming Store with payment via Stripe, NowNaming acknowledges that not every potential client who may benefit from a formalized approach to name creation has the time or resources to engage an agency for a comprehensive name creation project spanning multiple months. We also recognize the many companies and individuals who may have initiated an internal name creation process or have engaged an external agency and then find they require a fresh perspective and additional names for consideration. Browse the NowNaming Store and you may find the ease, responsiveness and reasonable investment of our NowNaming service represents the best fit for your name creation opportunity.

As breakthrough pharma brands such as Zocor and Viagra can attest, we are both pioneers and present leaders in the highly specialized practice of creating successful pharmaceutical trademarks.

If you seek a partner to set the right tone for pharmaceutical brand communication and also reflect the challenges of drug name regulatory approval, the specialized focus and related approach of Brandpersand Life can secure a path to success. Our best practices for pharma, biotechnology and life science naming reflect 25+ years of pharma experience and 100+ approved trademarks to deliver names which can attain registration status combined with FDA, EMA, Health Canada, Japan MHLW and other country-specific agency approvals.

Automotive, Consumer, Health, Technology, Financial or B2B, we offer the promise of a compelling outcome and a collaborative approach to resolve the challenge of brand and name creation.

Regardless of the deliverable, content or setting, the objective is to create an asset that can be successfully implemented, protected and accrue or compliment brand value.

We promise every client the maximum return for an investment in our services at a reasonable cost, and guarantee that a consultative project is never completed until we have successfully met the goals of an engagement.

Ready to Start? Take the first step to compellingly collaborative brand & name creation and request a no-cost consultation, browse the NowNaming Store or call +1 (800) 663-2104.