Seeking a new way to name in 2019? Need a name now? Starting at $500, the NowNaming℠ Store will deliver your next next create-to-order product, service or company name within ten to 24 business days, dependent on the scope of selected service options.

Our NowNaming service distills our best practices for name creation and facilitates a direct path to our senior naming team and related global crowdsourcing capabilities. Limited to sets of five, ten or 25 names per wave of creation, all aspects of the service have been optimized for online collaboration, including development of the naming brief, name creation and related presentation, pre-screening clearance and target market research.

Available from the NowNaming Store with online payment via PayPal or Stripe in addition to our standard purchase options, the NowNaming service acknowledges that not every potential client who may benefit from a formalized approach to name creation has the time or resources to engage an agency for a comprehensive name creation project spanning multiple months. We also recognize the many companies and individuals who may have initiated an internal name creation process or have engaged an external agency and then find they require a fresh perspective and additional names for consideration.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to our online brief creation tool. You and/or your team will be asked a number of questions to help us understand the name creation opportunity. Within three business days of the completion of our online brief creation tool, you will receive a completed brief (PDF). If you have selected a 'Plus' service, you may choose to expend part or all of your 60 minutes of online conference consultation. Within seven or 21 (Plus) business days, you will receive a slide deck (PDF) containing each name, related rationale, pre-screen findings and analysis. Once again, if you have selected a 'Plus' service, you may choose to expend part or all of your 60 minutes of online conference consultation.

If you seek to name the next advancement in the health sector, our NowNaming Life 25/25 Plus service is structured with name safety and regulatory-specific screens for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science name creation opportunities.

Browse the NowNaming Store and you may find the ease, responsiveness and reasonable investment of our NowNaming service represents the best or only 'next step' for your name creation opportunity.