In other words, everybody into the (naming) pool!

What better time than the first day of summer to share a sweet perk for those planning a new product, service or company name before golden getaways get into gear. We're offering a 10% discount to all projects assigned throughout the summer for both creative consulting services and our online store NowNaming service (Use code HAPPYNOW). So, not only do we wish you our sincere summer salutations, here's hoping you, and your naming endeavors, keep on swimming all season long.

Speaking of 'salutations,' an introduction to our disciplined approach can simplify the challenge of new brand & name creation for every opportunity, from snack foods to software, from Splenda to Nissan's Altima. As over 100 pharma brands spanning the past 25 years can attest, we are both pioneers and present leaders in the highly specialized practice of creating successful pharmaceutical trademarks, adding recent success stories from Allergan, Regeneron and Sanofi to our portfolio.

For the many startups, those who were late to start, and those who enjoy living in the 'now,' our NowNaming service distills our best practices for name creation and facilitates a direct path to our senior naming team and related global crowdsourcing capabilities, with 72 hours to complete our brief and 7 days to complete name creation. All aspects of the service have been optimized for online and videoconference collaboration, including development of the naming brief, name creation and related presentation, pre-screening clearance and target market research.

Which makes perfect sense for anyone who may benefit from a formalized approach to name creation but without the time or resources to engage an agency for a comprehensive name creation project spanning multiple months. Likewise, those who may have initiated an internal name creation process or have engaged an external agency and then find they require a fresh perspective and additional names for consideration. 

Regardless of the opportunity this summer, plenty of successful brand & name creation is sure to follow! So take the first step from salutations to a superstar sobriquet, and request a no-cost consultationbrowse the NowNaming Store or call +1 (800) 663-2104.