What’s even better than a 6% discount this month for our brand and name creation services in celebration of our sixth anniversary as Brandpersand?

Our sixth sense, always a useful asset in brand and name creation, shares that extending our Anniversary Sale from September to October and November, makes sense for those seeking to brand and name a new product, service or company before the end of 2016. The sale includes both creative consulting services and our online store NowNaming service (Use code HAPPY6). So, Happy Anniversary to us, with all thanks to you, our followers and customers.

Speaking of making sense, Brandpersand's disciplined approach can simplify the challenge of brand & name creation for every opportunity, from snack foods to software, from Splenda to Nissan's Altima. As breakthrough pharma brands such as Zocor and Viagra can attest, we are both pioneers and present leaders in the highly specialized practice of creating successful pharmaceutical trademarks.

Need a name now? Our NowNaming service distills our best practices for name creation and facilitates a direct path to our senior naming team and related global crowdsourcing capabilities. All aspects of the service have been optimized for online and videoconference collaboration, including development of the naming brief, name creation and related presentation, pre-screening clearance and target market research.

Which makes perfect sense for anyone who may benefit from a formalized approach to name creation but without the time or resources to engage an agency for a comprehensive name creation project spanning multiple months. Likewise, those who may have initiated an internal name creation process or have engaged an external agency and then find they require a fresh perspective and additional names for consideration. 

Ready to Start (Making Sense)? Take the first step to compellingly collaborative brand & name creation and request a no-cost consultation, browse the NowNaming Store or call +1 (800) 663-2104.