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Marching On... April with updated BrandPaper documents to share for the Spring season. Intro to Brandpersand and Intro to Brandpersand Life have both been refined with a new typeface (Helvetica Neue) and condensed descriptions of our engagement framework and related methodologies.

This month's Journal entry will be brief, a reflection of my recent trip across the pond for the Pharmaceutical Trade Mark Group conference in Brussels. Stay informed by checking our Journal feed in April, as we will share the implications of what we learned in regard to future pharma trademark development and related FDA and EMA regulation submission strategies.

Last, but never least for this content connoisseur, a tidbit of interest from the interwebs regarding Apple and the name Siri, the voice recognition technology Apple acquired in 2010 and would later integrate as the USP for the iPhone 4S. No surprise here, but needless to say Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of the evocative and mysterious name, preferring the simple and descriptive 'i' naming architecture to be found throughout Apple's product line. With that out of the way, the real story is the genesis of the name itself. Dag Kittlaus, one of the co-founders of Siri, shared the following:

So Siri means in Norwegian, 'beautiful woman who leads you to victory.'

I worked with a lady named Siri in Norway and wanted to name my daughter Siri and the domain was available. And also consumer companies need to focus on the fact that the name is easy to spell, is easy to say…

Nicely done, and a very nice Spring season to all our Journal readers!

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