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Drug Naming Best Practices for 2012

From Happy New Year to the Year of the Dragon, the end of January is almost upon us! What better time than to release a trademark advisory containing our Pharmaceutical Drug Naming Best Practices for 2012. Combined with our latest Intro to Brandpersand Life, a six-page outline of our branding and naming services personalized for pharmaceutical and life science opportunities, we hope to shed a little bit light and related insight in regard to the present state of pharma TM development, including the following trends:

For those of you who love to read ahead, we conclude the advisory with the following words of wisdom:

Empower a team of internal professionals to develop a formalized process, begin early and always remember that it is the ability to identify the proper balance of creativity and clearance that often determines a successful outcome.

We hope your new year is off to as good a start as our own, and all of us here at Brandpersand look forward to an open and productive exchange of ideas and opportunities in the coming months.

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